Power is slippery in the hands of idiots: Power dynamics outside of TPE

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Sometimes I despair for humanity and it’s eternal supply of stupidity and selfishness.

Work spinning out of control left me feeling the need to take a break from this blog. I realised that was a mistake. We have already established I like a good rant. (Please feel free to translate that as TL;DR and whisper away to your happier place.)

We Masters are complicated creatures. Control is a prerequisite of the role. An out and proud control freak, it came as no surprise to anyone that what transpired at one of the companies I rely on to do business put me in a spin for a while.

The Idiots

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A couple of self-serving idiots, through greed and sheer arrogance, caused an entire company to go back to square one. Desperation for that luxury apartment, the gold-plated office and the Bentley they don’t even know how to drive overrode whatever shred of common sense they might have had. Summoning the patience to earn through legitimate hard work was clearly too much like hard work. Much easier to play the scam – defrauding clients, peers and employees in equal measure.

The idiots got caught out. Investors ran screaming for the hills. The company can grovel all it wants, it will still be laughed out of most buildings. Those who lied their way to gilded mansions face losing their shallow totems of a ‘better life’. Investigations are still underway, bringing the prospect of humiliation and inevitable criminal proceedings. I hope they get the book thrown at them. Yet I am also very aware that they will bounce back. They are of a type that are infuriatingly resourceful. The world we live in is somewhat geared to celebrate them for their greed. We like to think we hold grudges, but our collective memory-span is akin to that of a fruit fly.

These idiots bore me. I don’t really care.

…And those that go unnoticed

I care about those around them; their employees, their clients. People reliant on a stable job to keep a roof over their heads, comparatively unassuming and generally satisfied with their lot.

Suspension, investigation and retraining is what the employees face right now. ‘Oh, if they’re innocent they have nothing to worry about.’ If I hear that once more I might lose my rag. One can hope that fates will eventually align, for now though, those innocent workers are left hanging under a cloud of uncertainty. Death by association has always been alive and well in business.

Imagine having to reapply and retrain for a job in which you might very well be a fully qualified expert. Yes it might seem like an easy task. However, with compound stress and a metaphorical noose, anxiety is rife. Some of them will be sat at home this weekend, trying to keep it all together. The threat of losing their jobs infecting whatever else is going on in their lives.

I am extremely lucky. Not only do I have the support of slaves who love, honour and obey me. I also have other avenues to go down if this one shouldn’t work out, the support of family and friends. For some it is the only avenue.

Dominance shouldn’t be self-serving

I am self-aware enough to recognise that my anger stems from a single place of benevolence. It also comes from my desire for control. When I am not in control, I spiral. And when I spiral, my slaves are in danger of spiralling. They look to me for control, dominance, a guiding hand. Luckily for me, my slaves and I live in the real world. 24/7 with the caveat of functioning outside the House. I am blessed that they have my back.

I despise the strongman. Those men with a limited masculine expression of power. Exposed as fragile by the wealth it depends on to bolster it. I have a good amount of physical strength, I have money, and I am masculine. In spite of these meaningless points, I refuse to wield power in a way that disregards others. Why? Because I am not a cock-womble. These false dominants who scam their way to the top are nothing more than greedy little fucks out to grab whatever they can, no care for what happens to those that look to them for control and guidance.

The lesson I take from this is one of recognition. Recognition that a Master/slave dynamic, based beyond the realm of a mainstream wank fantasy, teaches a Master to respect those beneath them. A slave makes a choice to submit to total power exchange, devoting their lives to your every want, need, whim. If that doesn’t command respect, I don’t know what does.

Play fair with those who look up to you

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An employee is by no means beneath you. It’s a different ballgame altogether. But there is a power dynamic in place that you should, like a legitimate Master, never abuse. A balance of power weighted in your favour requires you to be conscious of your actions, how they affect others, and what responsibilities come with such a position.

Think of the damaging chain of repercussions you are in danger of deploying before acting solely for selfish gain. It’s never the ones at the top that end up hurting the most. Collateral damage bleeds right down the chains of command. Think like a Master, not an idiot. Financial gains made with integrity are less fragile because of it. And those people within the spectrum of your power dynamic, wherever that may be, are all as necessary and vital as you.

I say I don’t care about the scammers, yet have invested a certain amount of energy letting them rile me up. It might seem futile posting a small rant blog into the ether. It truly is futile as a self-contained act. But if we all stop and think for a minute about the power of collectively calling out these people on their bullshit, our voices might get a little louder.

The world is full of such idiots and they need to be held to account, however small they are in comparison to the much bigger fish, those in the gigantic ponds.

In my House, idiocy and selfishness do not go unpunished. And believe me, it’s never a funishment the bois might enjoy, rather a one way ticket out of my life.

Thanks for listening,

The Boss

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