Anonymity and cautious introductions

Why the curtains?

I am John: first, gay man: second, and The Boss: third. Three different identities with different needs. John has a job, in which he relies on reputation in building relationships with people.

I would love to say we live in a world where I could present as the Boss in public. But that world doesn’t exist. Yet. I have been openly gay for many years. I don’t care what people think of that. Unfortunately, when it comes to BDSM and the 24/7 TPE life the bois and I live, we aren’t there. People tend to have limited world views when it comes to kink. Therefore, at present, I have been very careful not to share too much. We will get there, but not today. 

There is a certain peep show element to how we have unrolled so far, through the site and on social media. On our multiple platforms, the only pictures that aren’t public domain are the occasional bit of skin that Boi slave (Mattie) has eagerly exposed. This isn’t all leading to a big reveal of Adonis-like muscle men chaise longue-ing all over the place.

We are just average guys. My bois tell me I’m handsome. I don’t see it myself, but there you go. I am not doing the bois a disservice here, we have discussed this post at length. Yes, I find my slaves incredibly attractive for multiple reasons (most of the time), but we’re not going to be asked to grace the front page of Vogue anytime soon. As I implied in an earlier post, I don’t seek slaves to be window dressing, rather I seek correct attitudes, winning personalities, and diverse skillsets. We are all reasonably handsome/pretty/fair, but please don’t start having a group wank about some terribly attractive people – this will only lead to immense disappointment on your part. 

Now that’s off my chest, let’s talk about the bois. I came here to introduce them. Vaguely (see above).

A House of Slaves

Is there a perfect number of slaves? Not sure. I may some day train more, but I envision 4 being sufficient. Currently, I own two (one confined), and have two in training. 

I have never been monogamous. That’s not about greed. Having a House full of slaves appeals to me on many levels: control and honest necessity are at the top of the list. The desire to control is intense and extends beyond owning just one man; my goal being multiple slaves existing to make my life easier. The root of this is a craving to share different experiences with different people. I have a lot to give, sexually and emotionally. The sex is great, but knowing I can do what I want is more important. 

My slaves must tick identical boxes in their submissive states: a pledge to love, honour and obey me for life. They all crave control, they understand that I won’t compromise. A desire to kneel and serve at my feet is compulsory. They are all either ready, or preparing, to be tattooed, collared; ready to light that fire inside me which comes from ownership. Control extends to taking away the smallest of their choices and rights. They show up to serve only me, my needs, my wants, my whims. Regarding subdrop and all the mental health issues that come with it: I understand aftercare. Vital from the onset, as once my slaves start down this road, everything out in the ‘real’ world will begin to seem wrong somehow. It may be my right as their owner to tear them apart, bit by bit, but it is my responsibility to build them back up again when I see fit, and if it’s necessary. 

Personality is vital. My slaves are uniquely different people – they gravitated toward me, and I to them, from singular experience, different lifestyles, tribes, views. Yes, I want control, complete submission, but I have no use for mindless automatons. Control needs a mind to work on. 

It’s no secret that I have a type when it comes to men: bears. Though I will consider anyone should there be a mutual connection and willing to adopt the correct attitude.

An eclectic mix of slaves ensures success in the House. Having so many strengths to draw from means that all bases are covered, be it housework, assistance (professionally or otherwise), emotional support. Together we navigate the world as a strong family unit, one I control from the top down. Trust is key and without trust the dynamic would crumble. 

I was planning on posting an introduction to them today, exposing my bois to the world. But, and I understand I’ve just talked it up, I don’t have to. They will no doubt cautiously introduce themselves in their upcoming blog posts. This isn’t laziness on my part, just caution.

To the Boss, they are slaves – to be used, broken, and degraded. To the gay man, they are lovers and toys. To John, they offer freedom to pursue a life of authenticity. Ultimately they are my property. And I don’t like to share. I will share sometimes, if only to offer my bois a lesson in degradation and humiliation, but the persons beyond the slaves? That’s for my eyes only for the time being. I suppose one of the limits I impose on the family, is this: while I might feel comfortable ‘coming out’ as a Boss to the world someday, whether the bois wish to or not is entirely up to them.  

My House is an ever-evolving concept of the 24/7 lifestyle my slaves and I live. Much like our limits, our fetishes, the contracts we sign and the oaths we pledge within, this lifestyle is very fluid and adaptable to suit my needs. At the core is a group of men who have dedicated themselves to me, and for that, I will be forever grateful.  

1 thought on “Anonymity and cautious introductions

  1. Slave Neil says:

    Perv Slave (Neil). As a member of the Boss’ family, I commit myself fully to the Boss. I have lots of experience of kink but still learning lots. With guidance and control from Boss and other family members we will bond further and learn from each others experiences. It is a journey I accept and desire, as when I am serving Boss I feel safe and loved. That’s the strong bond we have. All I do in his presence I do to serve him as one of his bois.


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