A Small Update

Hello. My slaves and I wanted to take the time this week to thank you all for your support. We have had some great feedback on our various social media platforms and through emails. 


This website, this blog, it’s still very young and is slowly taking shape. I am an impatient man, but we are here to play the long game. I am interested in seeing this space grow organically. 

The mission statement is simple: normalise BDSM-based, alternative lifestyles. Our own brand of TPE being the emphasis. 

We want to hear more from you. In that respect, let’s discuss our comment form. 

If you have followed our social media accounts, we are still playing at this through a lens of anonymity. Soon we will be comfortable enough to reveal ourselves, but right now, thanks for bearing with us.

We respect your right to anonymity. We understand your various reasons – we have our own. With that in mind, the data fields on the comment form below our posts are all optional. If you don’t wish to leave a name or email address, you don’t have to. Type in your comment and post. It’s that simple. 

You can also contact us through our social media accounts, or through email. Head over to the contact page. 

Let us know why you’re visiting, what you think. Do you have any questions on TPE? Our lifestyle or BDSM in general? Are you seeking advice? We are more than willing to help. 

We also appreciate your feedback. What do you think about the posts so far? What works what doesn’t? This is just the beginning, we are figuring this out step by step, so any feedback would be of much value. 

What’s coming up?

Slave Boi Mattie posted his first blog post this week, and plans to post his second this Friday. 

You can read The Boss’ input every Friday. Most likely a slave will upload it on Friday evenings at the very latest. 

The bois are hard at work on a host of resources which we will begin to make available very soon. 

What’s been going on this week?

The Bois, much to The Boss’ disappointment, have been very good this week. They haven’t stepped out of line… much. 

One of the owned slaves, Boi Slave (mattie) made a small slip-up this week, which he will whinge about in an upcoming blog. Just the threat of being spanked to a point where his cheeks would be sore for days soon put him back in line. 

Perv slave (neil) repeatedly finds The Boss’ buttons and presses every last one of them, but to punish the perv is somewhat difficult. Everything turns him on, so any pain/pleasure punishment is futile.

We’re not entirely sure the house slave (David) has been out of chastity long enough to misbehave in the last few months, let alone the last week. 

And L’esclave futé et possédé has turned slave postures into a fine art. When The Boss says jump, he says ‘how high’.

The Boss has been feeling quite reflective this week:

“Thinking about Dave, my first slave. I lost him some years ago. I sat down with Slave Mattie earlier this week and organised my thoughts on Dave. I will be sharing them on the site over the weekend. I am here because of Dave, he made me The Boss I am today, so it’s important for me to have his presence felt in this space.”

And that’s about it. 

Thanks for listening, 

Be good, 

The Boss and his slaves

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